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The Rockin’ K on Chambers Creek Mitigation Bank offers credits to satisfy regulatory compliance under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act and other state and local regulations, for mitigating unavoidable impacts to wetland and stream resources. Purchasing credits instead of replacing the resource on- or off-site provides several benefits:

Save time and money: Buying credits in a stream and wetlands mitigation bank generally is less costly than investing in additional land required to restore natural resources, any necessary construction, and the cost of the additional permitting process.

Eliminate risk and responsibility: All responsibility for mitigation compliance is transferred to the mitigation banker through the credit transaction, whereas Permittee-responsible mitigation results in the Permittee’s retention of all related federal and state risk and liability.

Protect the environment: We are wholly responsible for ensuring that the mitigation transfer is compliant with applicable law and assure maintenance of the bank’s environmental assets in accordance with our USACE-approved Mitigation Banking Instrument.

If you are interested in purchasing mitigation credits for your project, please contact us through our online form, or call us at (214) 777-4290 for immediate assistance.

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Interested in purchasing mitigation credits for your project? Contact us through the form below to start the process, or call us at (214) 777-4290 for immediate assistance. Ask for Ray Kane.

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